Beauty in the Challenges {“Radical” by David Platt}

A few months ago, I had the amazing experience of being in a small, intimate life group lead by an incredible young woman. We met in a local coffee shop every Sunday evening to discuss David Platt’s book “Radical”. Hearing that this would probably be one of the most challenging books I would ever read, I was curious and excited, especially since one of the responses I heard from another reader was, “This guy hates church!” Once I read the first chapter, I could see what he meant. No, David Platt does not hate church-not entirely anyway-he only says everything you need to hear. He boldly shows the reader exactly what Jesus is teaching, how it applies to every Believer’s life, and how we must respond. He shows us that obedience to God first, radical abandonment of our culture’s pattern, and how the call for all Followers of Jesus to go to all the nations is why we are on earth.  I’ve explained it the best I can, but I encourage you strongly to read it. Read it once, read it twice, share it with a friend, because it will radically wreck your life. Through this book, Jesus Christ radically changed me.

I will be doing a Book Club entry in the future on this book, but for now, I’ve pulled up a few quotes so you can get a taste of how crazy this book is.



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