Lovely Pictures {Spring Time in Texas}


I’m one of those people that hates winter. You know, the one that complains on Facebook, and the one who takes selfies with five jackets on and says something like “I hate you winterrrr! #summercomeback”. The one that you probably unfollow until spring. Yep, that’s me!

But fear no more, for spring has finally come! The blue bonnets are slowly peeping out of the warming earth, that new green color is beginning to lace the trees, and we Texans are digging our shorts and tank tops out half way through March. Spring is the sign of life. The resurrection of nature. I find it so intriguing that when God created the seasons, he arranged them to perfectly mirror his Son, who is the Resurrection and the Life. He’s alive, Halleluiah!

The neighbors probably think I’m crazy since I went tromping around the block to the greenbelt behind my house wearing red Nike shorts, a t-shirt, pink hound’s tooth rain boots, and a bulky camera bag slung around my shoulder. Then, some of these I just took on my back deck. Enjoy, Y’all!



IMG_7494-001 IMG_7503 IMG_7515 IMG_7541 IMG_7553 IMG_7584 IMG_7632 IMG_7634


Can you find the lady bug? Yellow lady bugs just make me so happy. 🙂


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