The Messy Life of a Teenage Girl {The Trouble of the Human Race}

While watching the news with my family, I listened to the horrific stories of a Muslim man beheading a woman at her workplace; I listened as the news anchor talked about ISIS ready to invade Bagdad; I saw pictures of terrorists posing, guns up, ready to slaughter a line of people, and I watched as a vicar in Bagdad looked into the camera and said “I have no fear.”
I had to leave. I started shaking. I was panicking. We as humans have such a fine line between man and beast that it utterly stuns me.
I pray for my fellow Americans, who I think are doing so much wrong by having double-standards and our president who shows such a lack of leadership. I pray for my Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East who are being slaughtered. I weep and mourn for the people of this earth who inflict so much pain on each other. I bet that God mourns too.
I’m also unsure. The Bible talks of love and peace, but they wipe out certain people in wars. God hasn’t changed somewhere between the Old and the New Testament. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So what is our role?
And something I can’t even believe is that I and millions or billions of people all over the world spend time ignoring what is happening. We are so concerned with our Instagrams and the perfect selfie that we’re completely in the dark. I weep for myself and my tendencies to pick up my phone and shut down.
All in all, this is such a depressing post and definitely messy, but they are my convicted, confused thoughts.
Oh God, I know you are here. You’re probably waving your arms shouting “Hello, I’m here!”, but we look to Fox News instead of You. God, you are good, You are beautiful, and You are in control. I know you have a plan for each and every one of us, and help me to strive to always look to YOU in times of trouble, not the U.S. Military. But God, please help me to be aware so that I may pray.


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