The Messy Life of a Teenage Girl {Screwed Up Perfection}

Blogging is a curious thing if you think about it. Why do we feel the need to write/take pictures of our lives and splatter them across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and who knows what else. I don’t know, people are weird. I’m weird.

Here’s the deal: I don’t want to read about a mom who home-schools twelve children while running her dream dairy farm in the beautiful country side as she takes amazing pictures of her children with her seven-hundred dollar camera. That’s not reality for a lot of people. If you’re capable, then good for you. My mom can’t do or afford any of those things at this point in her life and I don’t want her to feel like she’s somehow not as good as that woman.

So mom, thank you for being imperfect. Thank you for managing to do everything you do even though it may not be glamorous. Even though we don’t live in a $500,000 home, what we have is enough. I’m pleased with all the material things that I have, Mom. When you come home from wiping patients butts all day at the hospital, I want to have a meal ready and a clean house waiting for you. It’s the least I can do.

Here’s to you, Mom.



The Messy Life of a Teenage Girl {Thoughts and Emotions Everyone Has While Sick in Bed}


Laying around sick has me (rotting) on my Kindle Fire most of the day. Unless I’m sleeping, which happens a lot. So, here’s a few thoughts and emotions everyone (well, maybe just me) has when they’re sick:

The first stages:

1. Gosh I’m tired. Why am I so tired? Coffee, yes I need coffee, that’s why.

2. What the heck?! I never cough! WAIT. NO.

3. It’s probably just allergies. Yeah, that’s it.


1. I give up. I’m definitely getting sick.

2. MOOOOMMM! Where’s all the Kleenex we just bought?

3. MOOOOMMM! Where’s the thermometer?

4. MOOOOMMM! Can you go buy some Ramen and ice cream?


1. I’m burning up, but this pill is SO HUGE. There’s just no way. *starts crying*

2. It’s only nine and I’m falling asleep on the best book I’ve ever read? No way, I’m gonna fight i-*falls asleep*

3. The toilet is so far…. I really have to go though…. I just can’t get out of bed, I just can’t. *cries again*

4. This toilet seat is FREEZING!

5. I’ve blown my nose twenty times in the last five minutes, and its still coming strong! HOW IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT?!

6. I would rather just die right now.

7. Look sir, I promise I’m not running a drug front in my house. Just hand.over.the.cold.tablets and nobody gets hurt.

 The after-sickness stage:

1. How many times have I kicked over that blasted trash can?!

2. No, I’m not contagious.

3. Nope, not contagious.

4. Would a girl who’s mom is a nurse let her be here when she’s contagious?! NO!

5. How am I still blowing my nose?

6. They think, “Oh, we’ll put a cute little saying over the tissue box, and it’ll make them feel so much better!” Wrong. Who cares about tissue boxes when you’re blowing six years worth of boogers out. Unless they have a Tardis tissue box….That would be pretty cool!

6f3dcc36bd3660a593378d02c5e56ff77. OMG! They do have Tardis tissue boxes!!!